NYC Street Photography with my X-Pro1



Had an amazing few days walking around Manhattan with my Fujifilm X-Pro1 at the end of last week. ¬†Took along my 18-55mm zoom, 35mm f/1.4 lens and an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4D (using an adapter). On some days I also brought along an old medium format Yashicamat 124G TLR to shoot some film, but haven’t developed it yet.

This was my 3rd visit in the last four years, and the first using a smaller mirrorless camera instead of a big, bulky, heavy, conspicuous DSLR. What a difference! The Fuji doesn’t draw much attention (except from other photographers, who want to ask questions!), making it perfect to blend in on the streets. I could (and did) walk the streets all day without even noticing the gear I was carrying.

For outdoor walking around, I would normally set my camera around f/8 1/250th and auto-ISO and zone focus about the distance people would be as I’d pass them by. Camera would be mounted around my neck with the zoom at 18mm, with my finger on the shutter. If I saw something/someone interesting, I’d take a photograph. Didn’t always get the shot, but my hit rate was certainly better than if I had tried to bring the camera to my eye and composed a quick shot.

If I was stationary, looking for a shot to develop, or inside (such as a wonderful afternoon in the Met), then I reverted to my normal method of framing a shot (and would often go to a wider aperture in that case).

I also got to check out the droll-worthy x100s at B&H one day. Very nice. I kinda want one, even though I already have the XP1.

(A couple of the photos are a Lenscrafters commercial that we wandered upon. Cool to watch them film for a bit. Loved their big continuous lights!)

Additional photos, full-screen gallery with purchase option here: