Fleet Foxes with The Walkmen


The Fleet Foxes, with openers The Walkmen, came to the Raleigh Downtown Amphitheater this past week. Things looked a little iffy as we got close to showtime, but things held off long enough for The Walkmen to perform. The set was a bit subdued… they sounded great, but lacked a bit of energy, maybe because the crowd was still filing in.

By the time the headlining Fleet Foxes took the stage, the rain was starting to come down a bit, but that didn’t deter them and they wasted no time getting into a very energetic set.¬†Unfortunately as the rains got worse and worse, the stage design at Raleigh Downtown Amphitheater proved inadequate to protect the band and their equipment from the elements. A noise ordinance curfew added to the problems, making it not an option to just delay the concert until the storms had passed. The show was ended early.

Raleigh really needs to address this for future events. In this day of staggering ticket prices, this is wholly unfair to fans that have spent gobs of money to see a great band.