Five More from 2011 (because I’m an idiot)


When I first posted my favorites of 2011 entry, I said that I was picking 20 images I liked best from the year. Well, turns out that culling-the-images-Rodney didn’t talk to writing-the-blog-post-Rodney and I really only picked 15. My friend Leena noticed and called me on it, and said that I owe her 5 more photos. Which leads to this post.

Not┬ánecessarily┬ámy next 5 best, but I didn’t want to post yet more Hopscotch photos (as much as I love so many of them) or multiple photos from the same portrait session. So here are 5 “other” photos that represent some of my favorites I was shooting in 2011.

And if you haven’t already figured this out, click on the little “i” in each photo to get details of each shot.