A Smorgasbord of Shoots


I’ve been trying to stay active the last month and a half or so with photo shoots. Traditionally the winter months have been a slow time for my shooting, and I didn’t want that to be the case this year. I’d met some of these models through the NC Photography Group, a Meetup.com group that has semi-regular events around town with a bunch of photographers and models (and more). And I’ve learned that once you post photos of one or two models online, you usually get a bunch of new Facebook friends who are interested in doing a shoot. Fine by me!

The individual shoots can all be found here. Thanks so much to all the models. I had a lot of fun shooting all of these sessions.

I’ve got a lot more on tap over the coming weeks and months. A lot of which will probably be a lot different from some of these. I have a lot of crazy ideas in my head that I want to work with models on to make happen. And I’ve recently acquired an old Polaroid camera that I hope to incorporate into some of the shoots (and I’ve also bought some film for my old film Nikon SLR, so will be incorporating that as well).