Winter 2012 Shoots



I’ve been doing about a shoot a week for the last couple of months. It has been really great. Every time I shoot models, I get just a little better. I updated the blog a month or so back, but already have a bunch of shoots stacked up with no entries. I hate to lump them all into another large entry like this, but just don’t have time to blog them all separately.

Thanks to all the models on the Melrose Knitting shoot that Dimitri Williams put together. A whole day of shooting with lots of models. Thanks also to the models and photographers who came out a few weeks ago on an overcast Friday (perfect shooting weather) to downtown Raleigh for some fun. And thanks to Sophia, Danielle and Dawn for their great individual shoots as well.

The next month has a lot of paid portraiture work, as well as my first wedding. Unfortunately with my busy day job and family commitments, that means less of the more artistic collaborations with the experienced models. Should get some more of that going in April (have a few models already firm, and some others close, that should be a lot of fun to work with).