Polaroid fun


Just over a year ago, I decided to get an old Polaroid camera (in this case, an SX-70) and start experimenting with some of the Impossible Project film that was being manufactured to work in the old Polaroid cameras (Polaroid themselves had quit making film). Over the next few months, I also came to possess two additional Polaroid cameras. A model I’d shot (who is also a very good, soon to be great, photographer herself) gave me a One-Step 600 camera. And a former coworker, and long time lunch mate, gave me a Spectra (along with several Minolta film bodies. I’ll have to do another blog entry at some point with my non-instant film adventures).

All in all, it has been a lot of fun experimenting with the different cameras and the different films available (not only the Impossible films, but also old, expired film from Polaroid off of eBay). It has also been a bit maddening at times. The film is expensive. It can also be very unpredictable. You can burn a lot of film trying to get a shot that works. When you get a dud that cost you $3, it kind of hurts (at least to a cheapskate like me). But every now and then, you get some analog chemistry magic that happens.

These are some of my favorites from this last year. More at http://gallery.rodneyboles.com/polaroids