Haunted Barn/Corn Maze Meetup


The NC Photography Group held a meetup yesterday at Phillips Farms of Cary, NC. This is a fantastic meetup group, organized by my friend Chris Florio.  We had tons of models show up with various make-up artists to help out. I was only able to make it to about 2 hours of the event, which lasted around 4 hours.

It was extremely hot in the Haunted Barn, so I only braved it for a couple of shoots before venturing over to the Corn Maze, where I finished up. I was not able to make it over to the Haunted Graveyard. Lots and lots of pics from the whole group over at the meetup group site linked above.

I had a blast with all of the models I worked with. I think my favorite shots ended up being of the model with the baby doll. I knew when I saw her eyes that the photos were just going to have “it”.  As happy as I am with the shots above, after seeing some of the other photographer’s pics, I do wish I’d stayed and worked things a little more to get some more cinematic/storytelling pics.

Lots of fun and looking forward to the next meet up!