Favorite Photos of 2012



As I did last year, I’ve reviewed my photographic work from this year to pick my 20 favorite images. At the end of last year, I remarked that I’d started to shoot more and more models, and that continued throughout 2012. To keep that from dominating the selections, I limited it to 10 picks that were setup shots with models, with the other 10 being me capturing various moments as they occured, whether it be live music or my son’s soccer games.

I had several photos this year that were absolute shoe ins for the list. Then I had big pool of a few dozen photographs that felt like my children and I really struggled to choose one over another. Gesture mattered a lot. Capturing some unique little moment or emotion.

Each photograph has a little paragraph where I talk about it. If you are viewing the stand-alone version of this entry (as opposed to the main blog page that shows all blog entries), then you’ll see this by hovering or clicking on the little “i” in the corner of each photo.


Note: I’m taking a little risk by publishing this with some time still left in the year. If I get something that I feel is truly deserving, I’ll add it to the list.