Couture for a Cause 2011


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For the second year in a row, I’ve been involved with local (Raleigh) charity Active Good‘s big Couture for a Cause fashion show¬†shooting promo shots of the models wearing the designer’s outfits for the show. Last year, I had never really shot models before, so it was a little scary, but I wound up with some great shots. Over the last year, however, I’ve really gotten into lighting and shooting models and portraits, so had large expectations for this year.

I’m pretty thrilled with how everything turned out. I’m especially excited about the shots of Jasmine with the red dress against the black garage door. Everything about that one just pops for me, making it one of the favorite “strobist” sort of shots I’ve done to date.

Designers: Kristin Robbins and Natalie Drennon

Models: Danielle and Jasmine

Hair/Makeup: Bottega Hair Salon