A New Member to the Family

I’ve been eyeing this camera (Fujifilm X-Pro1) for awhile. Really, ever since the X100 was introduced, I’ve been wanting this camera, and the only thing that had kept me getting it when it came out with the price tag. But a price drop and nice lens promotion convinced me to go ahead and snag one up (only $100 more than the equivalent X-E1 system and I get to have a nifty Optical Viewfinder (OVF)).

Only a few snap shots around the house this evening so far. Still figuring out where everything is. I’m sure it will take a few shoots to get used to it. Will be getting out and about with it this weekend and hope to get some good pictures. I’m just so glad the camera manufacturers are making cameras like this. I love my D700 DSLR, but sometimes I really don’t want to haul that thing around. This is perfect.